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7 Investment Tools That Will Boost Your Investment Returns

7 Investment Tools That Will Boost Your Investment Returns

. 4 min read

Institutional investors spend more than $20,000 a year to get access to sophisticated investment tools with which they can get great returns on their investments. But don't worry, you don't have to spend that much!

In this article, I will show you 7 investment analysis tools that you can use right away and that allow both beginners and professionals investors to improve their returns.

#1 Top Investment Ideas Tools

If you already have a full-time job, if you don't have the time to invest in stock research and portfolio management, then this investing tool is perfect for you.

I'm talking of the Finbox [top investment ideas tool](" target="_blank) that lets you track hundreds of pre-built portfolios, such as the portfolios of Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Carl Icahn, and more. If you were looking for investment tools for beginners, this is definitely the tool for you.

[Investment Tools - N1 Top Ideas Page](" target="_blank)

#2 The Finbox Fair Value Card

The [Finbox Fair Value Card](" target=_blank) is an advanced financial modeling technology that uses 11 different models to estimate the fair value of a stock and lets you get a company's fair value at your fingertips. Thanks to Finbox's partnership with S&P Global Market Intelligence, all the models are based on the same data utilized by the biggest investment banks and money managers in the world.

Investing tools n2 Finbox Fair value

#3 Excel Add-In

Do you know that researches demonstrate 90% of spreadsheets have errors? That's often because of manual data entry! With the [Finbox Excel Add-In](" target="_blank) you can get the latest financial data directly in your spreadsheets and improve accuracy by pulling the latest data instantly into Excel or Google Sheets with a single formula.

Once you've developed a financial model just the way you want, you can reuse it for a different security just by changing the ticker in the spreadsheet.

It won't just help you to avoid errors, but to make things easier and quicker. The custom =FNBX() function allows you to import stock quotes, historical financials, valuation ratios, fair value estimates, and more.

[Investment analysis tools n3](" target="_blank)

#4 Stock Screener

With over 100,000 stocks covered on 135+ exchanges in the world, the [Finbox stock screener](" target="_blank) is among the best investment tools out there. It lets you screen stocks for 1000+ metrics and, what's more, you can also create custom metrics once you export the result to Excel.

#5 Data Explorer

The [data explorer](" target="_blank) is a powerful tool for looking up specific metrics on a stock. It lets you explore definitions, formulas, trends, competitors and sector benchmark analysis, for more than 1,000+ metrics.

What's more, while most of the investing tools for stocks analysis just compare a stock's metric with the sector average, the Finbox data explorer gives you an in-depth sector benchmark analysis with the distribution of each metric for companies operating in a certain sector.

Investment tools for beginners n5

#6 Fundamental Chart Editor

The [fundamental chart editor](" target="_blank) is one of the most popular investing tools, and there aren't many investment software that let you access that for free. For example, a subscription to Ycharts would cost you $200/month.

The fundamental chart tool lets you create powerful and comprehensive visuals for more than 1,000+ metrics and 100,000+ stocks around the world.

For example, you can easily evaluate if a stock is too expensive by comparing its valuation metric to the past and visualizing trends easily.

Investment tools n6 Fundamental chart

#7 Stocks Watchlist

The [Finbox Stocks Watchlist](" target="_blank) lets you track the stocks you are interested in by creating smart watchlists and customize views with the metrics that matter the most. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest news and data on the go with the mobile website.

What's more, you can easily analyze a group of stocks and see how they've performed in the past, what is their sector distribution, their dividend yield, their upside potential, and more!


To summarize, these 7 investment tools can help both beginners and professional investors to improve investment returns and analysis:

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