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Disciplined Investment Hunting

. 2 min read

If you enjoy Ferdi Scheeper’s goal based dividend investing blog (DivGro), then here's another that you’ll love: Investment Hunting.

Investment Hunting Logo

Note that this blogger is an executive in the media space and prefers to remain anonymous. So we’ll just refer to him as “Hunter”

Hunter believes in a disciplined dividend investing strategy. This seems relatively vague as anyone investing in dividends would claim something similar. However, it's unlikely your journey to financial freedom has been riddled with as many holes as Hunter's. But it's because of this that Hunter would likely say his journey has been on a road less traveled. Here’s his boom and bust short story:

"In the 2000's, I was heavy into Internet Stocks and didn’t get out early enough = bust. Later on I invested in real estate and owned several properties. At this time I also put my money to work in private investments (PPMs), and bridge loans = Boom. I was killing it, making more money on a monthly basis than I ever imagined possible. My monthly ROI was in the double digits. 2008 hit me like a hurricane. My tenants stopped paying rent, my borrowers filed bankruptcy and stopped paying their loans, and most of my liquid income was invested in two Ponzi Schemes = major bust...Starting over again with no assets is difficult and very humbling."

So in 2008, Hunter started at ground zero - no assets. But the road less traveled has made him wiser. His investment portfolio is now back up to almost $250k and is on track to earn approximately $6,300 in dividends in 2016 (run-rate through April). Not bad!

<img width:100% src='' alt='Investment Hunting Dividends Earned'>

Hunter now has a better appreciation for the risks involved with investing so when he says he's now a more disciplined investor - you'll believe him! Check out his strategy page for additional detail.

Investment Hunting is a must read blog for passionate dividend investors. You’ll find Hunter sharing more stories on his wins and losses as well as educational content about different strategies. Enjoy!