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Working with Financial Models

Working with Financial Models

. 3 min read

Working With Financial Models puts the most popular stock analyses right at fingertips. Instead of wasting precious time building financial models, you can spend time understanding the story behind the numbers.

In the sections below, we'll describe how you can:

  • Search for a company
  • Find available financial models
  • Select a starting template
  • Edit your model
  • Save your model
  • Name your model
  • Download your model
  • Share your model

Search for a company

You can view financial models available for a company by searching for it using the search bar in the header available across the site. You can search by name or ticker.


Find available financial models

We intelligently suggest models based on the characteristics of the company. For example, we only activate dividend discount models if the company pays regular dividends to shareholders and disable DCF models for banks and financial institutions (banks have unique capital structures that don't play well with standard DCF models).


Select a starting template

Some models offer options like a 5-year vs 10-year forecast period or tweaks to the methodology. You can use these options to customize your model template.


Model Checks

We run each model through a series of checks. If these checks fail, we mark it with a Checks Failed sign. As the caption indicates, models marked as such require a thorough review of default assumptions. Advanced users will still find these models valuable since the model's methodology and historical data are reliable. They usually just need a few tweaks to the starting assumptions.

When a model passes all checks, we mark it as Checks Passed.
This simply indicates that starting assumptions used in the model are reliable.
It should not be interpreted as a recommendation to buy or sell.

Edit your model

There are three easy ways to edit your model:

  • You can use the quick editor

  • You can use the step-by-step guided builder. It's available for any model where you would want to change assumptions

  • Download the model to Excel to view formulas and customize

Save your model

You can also save your model by hitting the save button. You can access it later under Saved Work


Name your model

To change the name of your model, just edit it directly by click on the name. It will save the new name, once you're done:


Download your model

Click the download button in the upper right corner to export your model to Excel. Make sure to hit save before exporting your model to ensure it's in sync with any changes you've made online.


Share your model

You can easily share a link to your model with friends, co-workers or on social networks. If you write publish articles online, you can even embed your model right in a post! Just copy and paste the embed code anywhere in your article.


Andy Pai

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