Managing Your Stock Watchlists

Managing Your Stock Watchlists

Creating watchlists allows you to easily track stocks that interest you most. You can check them every morning and get a quick glimpse of how things have changed.

When there are big movements in your watched companies we'll let you know! You can also save a price target for your stocks and quickly see when the stock price nears your target. It's the best way to stay disciplined. AAII has a great article on the process and benefits of setting price targets.

This how to will cover the following:

  • Start a New Watchlist
  • Add Stocks to Your Watchlist
  • Create and Edit Views
  • Export Data to Google Spreadsheet, Excel Spreadsheet or CSV
  • Remove Stocks from Your Watchlist
  • Save and Update a Price Target
Start a New Watchlist

Click the + New Watchlist option in the watchlist dropdown to start a new watchlist.

Create Your Own Watchlist

Add Stocks to Your Watchlist

It's easy to add stocks to your new watchlist. You can Search and Add stocks, "Fork" an idea, or Bulk Add Stock Symbols.

Method #1: Fork an Idea

Forking an idea will create a new watchlist based on the stocks currently in the idea. maintains an ever expanding list of ideas that you can use kickstart your list. These ideas include everything from holdings of famous investors like Warren Buffett to popular investment themes like "Breakthrough Biotechs".

Fork An Idea To A Watchlist

Method #2: Create Your Own

You can also start with an empty watchlist and add stocks by searching for them. First, you need to name your new list.

Name Your Watchlist

You can then search for the stocks you would like to add and click Done to see your list:

Search And Add Stocks To Your Watchlist

Method #3: Bulk Import Tickers to Your Watchlist

Once you've started a watchlist, if you know the stock tickers you want to add, use the bulk import utility to speed up the process:


You simply type in the stock tickers or copy / paste them from a CSV or Excel file. Just separate the tickers using space, commas or new lines:


We'll search for the tickers you enter in our database and return the matches. Click Add to Watchlist in the next step to complete the import process.

Your watchlist should look similar to the one below:


Create and Edit Views

Once you've created a watchlist, you will see several "Views" that highlight key data on your stocks. You can customize these views as you see fit.

Start a New View

To start a new view and add the metrics you want to review, click the + New View button:

watchlist new view

Add / Remove Columns

To edit the columns in a view, click the [+]> action arrow:

watchlist edit column

Export Data to Google Spreadsheet, Excel Spreadsheet or CSV

Sometimes it useful to Export your Watchlist view to a spreadsheet. You can export your data easily in the format of your choice:

Export View

Remove Stocks from Your Watchlist

You can remove stocks from your watchlist in following two ways:

Method #1: Red Cross in List View

watchlist remove ticker

Method #2: Using Edit Tickers Panel

watchlist edit tickers

Save and Update a Price Targets

Last order of business is saving price targets for your watched companies. Click the Set button in the Price Target column and it'll bring up the Price Target widget. Enter your price target in the widget: